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tariff plans Airtel-Airtel Nigeria is one of the most relevant and popular call operators in the country, and it does all it can to make the clients comfortable when using their network. Airtel always introduces new tariff plans for the best experience. In this article, you will read about different calling plans and choose the best Airtel tariff plan to your liking.

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tariff plans Airtel

the best offers for customers Currently, Airtel Nigeria offers some of the cheapest and most effective plans, compared to the previous years. Their dedication is now obvious since customers are now noticing an increase in quality and decrease in prices. For instance, you can now call someone for only ₦6.00 per minute.


Please note: In order to check your current Airtel tariff plan, you should dial *121# on your mobile phone, then select 5, and choose 2. Below, you will see the full list of plans and choose an Airtel plan that works for you. All the plans come with benefits such as free midnight calls, free data recharge bonus, and Airtel cheapest call rate – both international and local.


tariff plans Airtel 


Check out the following Airtel tariff plans.

  • SmartConnect
  • SmartPremier
  • SmartTalk
  • SmartTrybe
  • SmartTrybe
  • Junior SmartValue
  • Value Plan


Let us learn more about each one of them and their special features. You will also find out how to migrate to these plans.

1. Airtel SmartConnect

This is one of the most popular plans among customers and offers a lot of benefits. You will get a weekly data of 15 MB for your own use, on recharges from ₦200. You will receive a bonus called “Family and Friends” every week, which is ₦300, on recharges from ₦200. If you recharge ₦200 and above, you will be guaranteed a 200% bonus; You will also receive seven hours of Night Call option, between 11 pm and 6 am, for 11k/sec. If you would like to migrate to the SmartConnect plan, you will have to purchase a new prepaid SIM card with this plan available and activate it. It is available only with new SIM.

2. Airtel SmartPremier

This tariff plan offers you the incredibly cheap prices for calls after the first-minute recharge. You pay 11k/sec for all the calls within Nigeria and 40k/sec after the first minute of the day. The same goes for the calls to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, China, and India. You can make phone calls for free if you will roam up to 500 minutes per month, and on every recharge, you will receive an extra 15 MB of data. To switch to the SmartPremier plan, just dial *318# or send the text message “YES” to 318.

3. Airtel SmartTalk

According to this plan’s tariffs, you will be charged a daily fee for access which is ₦5, and all the calls to other Nigerian networks will cost you 11k/s. This tariff plan also lets you make international calls to such countries as Canada, the United States, China, India and the United Kingdom. This feature sure looks appealing. For safe and quick migration on SmartTalk tariff plan, dial *315# or send a text message with “YES” to 315.

4. Airtel SmartTrybe

With this plan, you can make calls for 11k/sec on campus and opt into the campus zone by dialing *312*1#. You will also get the free access to all the most popular social media, including Facebook, Twitter, BBM, and WhatsApp. is for you always review the page for latest news.You can receive up to 60 MB of free data for a month and 15 MB for a week upon ₦200 recharge. In order to switch to the SmartTrybe plan, just dial *312# or send “YES” to 312. If you would like to take up the campus offers, you can dial *312*1# or send the message “CAMPUS” to the same number – 312.


5. Airtel SmartTrybe Junior

Following the great success of Airtel SmartTrybe, the company decided to create a tariff plan that will be comfortable for people who have children. If you are a parent, this plan would be perfect for calling your child. You can change his/her tariff plan to SmartTrybe Junior, and have your son or daughter call you at any time without spending too much. The first minute is 40k/sec, and the subsequent rates are 11k/sec. Calls to other Nigerian networks are charged at 20k/sec. This child-friendly tariff plan offers your child free calls and messages to parents, 10% airtime bonus when they recharge, 100% bonus when you purchase 200 MB and more data, and special learning courses for children that might be interesting for them. To switch to this plan, dial *317# or send the message “YES” to 317.


6. Airtel SmartValue

This plan does not charge for the first minute of your call or have a regular access fee. If you have been searching for this kind of plan, congratulations – you have found it. With this tariff plan, you will be able to call all the networks at 15k/sec without a daily fee. You will also have an opportunity to make international calls to countries that were mentioned in other plans (the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China, and India) for only 20k/sec. Would you like to switch to this plan? Simply dial *314#. The migration procedure is completely free of charge.

7. Airtel ValuePlan

The newest addition to Airtel tariff plans is the Airtel ValuePlan. With this, you won’t have to pay for the first minute of your call. You can also call any other Nigerian network at only 11k/sec. To migrate to this plan, dial *243#. Afterwards, you will receive the message which will welcome you to the new Airtel plan. keep camp its It is hard to choose when there are so many various Airtel plans that offer cheap prices and great client benefits. However, there is a wide range of choice for people of all social groups and incomes. All we can say is that every plan has its positive and negative sides, and you should just pick the one that applies to you personally. Choose your preferred Airtel plan and enjoy making calls at a reasonable cost.

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