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Open Skye Bank Account-With the deployment of technology and internet facilities, banking operation goes easier. With these provisions, it is not necessary that you have a physical contact with your bank before you carry out some valuable financial transactions.

It is therefore in view of this, that the “SkyeFlex” was rolled out.

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Skyeflex is a new Skye bank Savings account customers can open online in Nigeria without the need to visit the bank physically. It can be opened with zero naira balance.

Opening Skye Bank Account Online With Skyeflex

things you needed

1) Soft copy of your passport: i.e you need to have a digital copy of your passport to be uploaded online while filling the form.

2) Your signature in a soft copy! This means you will have to put down your signature on paper, scan it and turn it into an electronic form.

Thereafter, go on the internet.  log on to skye bank’s website. Pick up the form and
You just need to fill the online application then upload your photo and signature card for your account to be opened.


You need to attain the legal age i.e. 18 years.

You must have a Nigerian address and phone number and then submit the online application form.


Conditions  Attached
As a bank customer, you must know that such kind of convenient offer would not come without conditions been attached to it. Here is some of the conditions are:

1) Maximum single deposit you can make to the account is #20,000. This means you cannot take 40000 naira for instance to your account for deposit at once. Except you split it.

2) Maximum total deposit is #200,000. What this means is that, the total amount of deposit your account can keep is that benchmark of #200,000.

At a point when your deposit go higher than that, you will have to contact your bank and upgrade your account to proper saving account.

The facilities

Just like other saving accounts, the account holder is also entitled to a debit card. And mobile banking can equally be carried out with it.

Steps to open Skyflex account

1. Knowing the Requirements
2. Declaration
3. Application Form
4. Uploading Files
5. Confirmation

With this, you are done. It saves time and it’s really good for students who don’t have huge cash in their bank accounts.

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