Complete List Of Art Courses In Nigerian Institutions For Art Students

complete Art Courses In Nigerian Institutions-check Details
Art Courses In Nigerian Institutions
Do you want to study one of the art courses in Nigerian Universities? below is the Complete Art courses in Nigerian Institutions. Each of the courses has different requirements so you will have to go through JAMB brochure for you to get information for their requirements.


Importance of art courses

  1. The arts connect people across time and cultures. Because the arts are both universal and culturally specific, they are a powerful means of increasing international and enter-cultural They help improve international relations.
  2. Through the study of the arts, students gain a greater understanding of their own culture as well as preparation for global citizenship.
  3. They help  interpret  and  defend  the  law  and  constitution  of  a  country, ensuring that law and order prevails in the society

Below Are the List of arts and humanities courses in Nigeria Universities


  1. African and Asian Studies
  2. Anthropology
  3. Arabic Studies
  4. Arabic Language and Literature
  5. Arabic and IS
  6. Arts (Combined)
  7. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies
  8. Christian Studies
  9. Classical Studies
  10. Communication Arts
  11. Communication and Language Arts
  12. Comparative Religious Studies
  13. Counselling and Psychology
  14. Creative Arts
  15. Drama/Dramatic Arts/Performing Arts/Theatres Arts
  16. International Studies and Diplomacy
  17. Efik-Ibibio
  18. English Language
  19. English Language and Literature
  20. English Studies
  21. English and Literary Studies
  22. English and International Studies
  23. Economics
  24. Fine Art/Fine and Applied Arts
  25. Foreign Language and Literature
  26. French
  27. French and International Relations
  28. French and German/Russian
  29. Fulfulde
  30. Geography and Environmental Studies
  31. German
  32. Hausa
  33. History
  34. History and Archaeology
  35. History/International Studies
  36. History and Diplomacy
  37. History and Diplomatic Studies
  38. History and Strategic Studies
  39. History and Political Studies
  40. Igbo
  41. Igbo/Linguistics
  42. International Studies and Diplomacy
  43. International and Comparative Politics
  44. IS
  45. Kanuri
  46. Kiswahili
  47. Languages
  48. Languages Arts
  49. Languages Arts and Yoruba
  50. Language and Linguistics
  51. Language and Literature
  52. Linguistics
  53. Linguistics/Yoruba
  54. Linguistics/Edo
  55. Linguistics/Urhobo
  56. Literature in English
  57. Mass Communication
  58. Modern European Languages
  59. Modern Language and Translation
  60. Music
  61. Philosophy
  62. Philosophy and Religious Studies
  63. Political Science and Conflict Resolution
  64. Psychology and Human Development
  65. Portuguese
  66. Portuguese/English
  67. Religion and Philosophy
  68. Religion and Science
  69. Religious Studies
  70. Religious Studies/Theology
  71. Russian with French/German
  72. Sociology
  73. Theology
  74. Yoruba
  75. Yoruba and Communication

All the courses named above are best art courses to study in Nigeria. However, it is good to study employability rate of a course before you go for it especially in Nigeria. It is the employability rate that makes a course in art the best art course to study.

From my little investigation, I will give list of some best art courses to study in Nigeria

i) Mass Communication

ii) English

iii) International Studies and Diplomacy

iv) Fine art and design

v) French

vi) Theatre art

vii) Creative art

viii) Communication Arts

ix) Music

x) Counselling and Psychology

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