Basic Principles of Creating Wealth-Complete Guide on Self Development

Creating Wealth-Wealthy people don’t necessarily look for money, they create solutions, and money follows them. Always try to do the best thing where you are with what you Have

Creating Wealth

Wealth comes through solving problems. Real wealth comes when you take a critical look around, see the challenges that surround you, think and proffer legitimate solutions to them, and ultimately sell at a premium price. Richness is the state of existing in or containing plentiful quantities of something desirable, it requires an understanding of the principle to make the wealth desired to be a reality without blemishing the personal character. Some people spend weeks on the mountain praying for a financial breakthrough without knowing what to do to be rich. They just want to be wealthy anyhow. It doesn’t work that way. 


 Basic principles of wealth creation


  •  Look for problems, proffer solution to them, and sell at premium price
  • Engage creative ideas
  • Have a good financial management
  • Have good character (integrity)
  • Be disciplined
  • Sharpen your skills


In the book of Robert Kiyosaki titled, Increasing Your Financial IQ, he stated that one of the major reasons why millions of Africans live below the poverty line according to world bank poverty index is that many Africans believe that Africa magic wands will suddenly mint money for them. You need to ask yourself, how many cups of mustard seeds did Mark Zuckerberg (founder Facebook) eat that made him a billionaire? How many bottles of anointing oil did Mike Adenuga (Chairman, Globacom) drink that turned him into multibillionaire owner of Africa biggest telecommunication company?


Dear reader, from my research on how to create wealth without blemish, I have discovered methodology to bring divine power to ensure success without undermining possibility mindset and efficient use of my brain and energy. Thus, this is how potential billionaires pray: “Dear Lord, many Nigerians are living below the poverty index, many Nigerians are out of school, many Nigerians are unemployed, many Nigerian farmers produce food crop but are wasted before it reaches dining table and many have electricity problem, sanitation or potable drinking water problem, Oh Lord I want to solve it. Lord, bless me with fresh ideas on how to solve this problem and connect me with the right partners, investors, and friends to make it happen and make my dream a reality. Thank you, Lord. In my conviction, God will definitely download creative ideas into your minds if you have possibility mindset and use your brain efficiently.


Unfortunately, this is how the majority of Africans especially Nigerians pray: “Oh Lord, I commend anyone who said that I will not prosper to collapse and die by fire!” Someone else may even pray this way: “Lord, I need the financial favor. I need divine connections. I need financial breakthrough urgently. Lord send money to me today. I believe, this is not wealth making route and it amuses me that when God listens to this kind of prayers sometimes, I believe He will look down from the balcony of heaven and wonder why many failed to understand that wealth creation opportunity surrounds us. Note, I’m not belittling the power of prayer, but most of us pray amiss. I pray myself.


The basic principle of wealth creation is the ability to find solutions to the challenges of humanity i.e. secret of billionaires. All of them created solutions that brought those billions they celebrate today. Presently, Aliko Dangote is spending millions of dollars in developing and construction of crude oil refinery. By the time he completes it and become a major player in the petroleum industry, the wailers will say he is lucky. But they forget that he didn’t pray for the financial breakthrough without putting his energy and brain to work. However, his effort will be able to found a solution to a perennial Nigeria problem by making the regular availability of crude oil by-product to Nigerians and other neighboring countries.

don’t Forget This.

Wealthy people don’t necessarily look for money, they create solutions, and money will follow them.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin (founders of Google) went all out to help humanity find things faster on the internet, and billions of dollars followed them. Mark Zuckerberg created platforms for socialization, and billions of dollars followed him. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak went all out to reduce the size of the computer. This has made them buy off competitors and help the humanity. is from,Tony Elumelu founded United Bank of Africa; he earns accolades worldwide and billions of naira. What problems are you solving for humanity? Solve problem making money and be rich legitimately!


Dear reader, it is high time you change your thinking and prayer pattern to making riches. Stop looking for the shortcut to the top, start looking for the problems you can solve for humanity and find the best way to improve on the existing skills you have, deliver the service and goods with excellent customer service backed with good character. Most times, money is actually a reward for solving problems for people and this is earned by selling the solutions at a premium price.

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