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 ATM Machine Seize Your Atm Card










As you can see, ATM transactions Users in Nigeria is still increasing. So do many technical errors do happen, Like wrong debating of account without payment of cash. Or seizing of the ATM cards by the machines.


At one point or the other, as a bank customer, your card can be withdrawn from you while trying to carry out a financial transaction.

many have been faced with this situation as their Atm got stuck in the machine.


The following are possible reasons why your card can be seized by the ATM machine.

1) Using the wrong PIN: As a bank customer, it is expected of you to know your ATM pin offhand. Therefore you are not expected to go there and guess what the PIN could be. The moment you put wrong PIN three times, the machine would automatically seize your card.

2) Damaged card slot: Some bank customers are so careless in handling their ATM card and they got it damaged. Is either the card is bent, or the panel has been wiped off. If you slot in such kind of card, the machine will automatically retrieve your card. If you notice any physical damage in your ATM card, kindly return it to the bank and demand for another one.

3) Technical Problems With The ATM Machine: As efficient as the ATM machine operates in Nigeria. It does not operate without some challenges like technical errors and others. So in error, an ATM machine can withdraw your card.

4) Carrying Out A Suspicious Activities With Your Card: The ATM machine is so sensitive to the nature of your transactions. Therefore, if you are carrying out a suspicious transaction with your ATM card, your card could be seized.

So be conscious of all these reasons as you carry out transactions with your ATM.

How To Get Back Your ATM Cards

Let me clarify this, it was in the old days that another bank’s ATM machine seize your card and you get it back. Nowadays, once your card is seized by another bank’s ATM machine seize your card, just inform your bank to block the card to avoid been used by someone else and demand for a new one. You can’t get it back.

If it is the issuing bank, you can just go to customer service the next morning and ask for your card. They will give you your card and you can continue your transaction.

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